Rosemary and Jasmine

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance, pray you love, remember
(William Shakespeare)

This series was my first sustained attempt to make generative art using R. The code is distributed over two small R packages: the jasmines package contains helper functions that I used to create the art, and the rosemary package creates specific pieces. I chose the name “jasmines” for the engine because I like jasmine flowers and “Jasmine” is my middle name: I sometimes think of Jasmine as the version of me who pursues artistic rather than scientific endeavours. I chose the name “rosemary” not because I love rosemary bushes and I associate rosemary hedges with my mum who taught me to garden. Making generative artwork reminds me a lot of gardening. Mum died in September 2011, and writing this nine years later I still miss her terribly.